Spills on Carpet! Tips to Damage Control like a Pro

Drops, spills and accidents are going to victimise your carpet no matter what you do. These tricky and heart-wrenching situations are going to occur despite your best of efforts. Instead of cutting down on life thinking about spills and stains, why not learn some pro damage control tips to make things easier. Here are some tips that will help you to take care of a spill situation like a boss.

Skip Rubbing

A sudden spill triggers your senses to rub the area of carpet where the spill has occurred. This can be called instinct. But this is more damaging than controlling the damage. The key to excellent damage controlling for any kind of spills is blotting.

Blot, Blot!

If you have got liquid on your carpet like pet urine, you need to first blot it with tissue or clean cloth that absorbs well. After this, you can use the cleaning solution and a paper towel, sponge or clean cloth. You must remember that while blotting works on soaking the spill, rubbing causes the spill to go deeper into the carpet fibre causing them to breakdown. One technique that home owners should keep in their minds is blotting the stain from the outside of the spill coming inwards. This will avoid the stain from spreading.

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Soda for the Wine

There are chances that you might have already heard that club soda is effective against stains caused by liquids like wine, beer, etc. This is true but you need to use it a proper way to make it effective. When you are blotting the wine or beer stains, use soda on the cloth that you are using for blotting.

If soda and the cloth seem to be ineffective, you can use the mixture vinegar and water along with it. Mix one white vinegar with one part soda and pour it in a handle-held spray bottle. Now spray this mixture on the area, press with clean sponge or cloth after the mixture has sat in the area for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse the area with warm water once the stain dilutes.

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If you feel that you need to use the brush on your carpet, do so in the natural direction of the carpet fibre. Instead of blow drying the area, you need to use paper towels to blot it dry. This is because wine particles might have diluted but they might be present at depth. Blow drying will set it on the carpet.

Once you have done the initial damage control, it important that you call a cleaning service as soon as possible. Although you might have removed the stain from the surface, stain particles remain to exist in the deeper base of the carpet fibre. Professional cleaning services help in removing the stain particles from the deep inside. You must ensure that you choose a carpet cleaning service in Sydney that is skilled in removing stains and also has extensive experience in the field.

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