How to Remove Grease from Leather


Grease is something which can ruin your leather sofa or chair if you do not take actions quickly in removing them. The protective surface of coated leather soaks the grease and then it embeds itself permanently into the leather if avoided for long. There are some leathers like suede leather which need an over the counter cleaner to effectually remove the grease. But when we talk about sofa or chair with semi-aniline or aniline surface, you can use the methods below to remove the grease from leather upholstery.

Method – 1

Talcum Powder Method

  1. With a paper towel or clean, dry cloth blot the excess grease from your coated upholstered leather furniture.
  2. Using a talcum powder, cover the grease spot. Use enough talcum powder to cover the entire spot and soak up the grease. Let the powder to sit on the stained area for overnight. The powder is helpful in pulling the grease and excess oil from the leather. If you don’t have talcum powder, then corn starch can work as a great substitute.
  3. Using a clean microfiber cloth remove the talcum powder from the leather.
  4. Take a clean cloth and damp it and draw out the excess water. Apply a small dime-sized amount of a commercial leather cleaning soap or product onto your dampened cloth.
  5. In the direction of leather’s grain rub the cloth over the spot. If anyhow you are not able to find the direction in which the leather runs then rubbing the cleaner from the outside edges of the stain towards its center will be helpful.
  6. Until the grease stain is gone, you should continue cleaning and then wipe off excess cleaner with a clean rag. Blotting with a clean cloth will help you in drying the leather.

Method – 2

Degreasing Detergent

  1. Use a degreaser detergent and pour into a small bowl about ¼ to ½ inch deep across the bottom of the bowl. Provide as needed. This method works best for the unprotected, soft or raw leathers.
  2. Take a microfiber cloth and wrap it around two fingers. Dip your cloth-covered fingers into undiluted degreaser and then rub the degreaser onto the leather in the direction of the grain.
  3. In a spray bottle add some distilled water and spray the area of the leather just rubbed with the distilled water.
  4. Create a gentle a lather on the sprayed spot by rubbing your finger across the area. Repeat until all the grease is invincible and then blot the cleaned area with a dry cloth.
  5. Spray the distilled water over the blotted area and the cleaned spot again with a microfiber cloth until it’s dry.



  1. Look for the manufacturer’s care label on your furniture before applying anything to the leather. This will help you in avoiding the products which can be harmful to your furniture.
  2. Test the chosen cleaner on a hidden part of the leather upholstery.
  3. Do not let excess water sit on leather furniture for too long as that can permanently damage its surface.

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If anyhow you are not able to remove the grease stains from your leather by following the above methods then calling the professional will help you in that case. The professionals have perfect equipment and techniques that will not only make your upholstery stainless but fresh like new that will increase their longevity.

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