Say Bye to Rust: Here are Some Tips to Remove Rust from Your Carpet

Here are Some Tips to Remove Rust from Your Carpet

Rust can be most irritating stain which appears mysteriously under objects left to rest on the carpet. Furniture feet and surfaces having a metal can be blamed for rust when kept in moist environments.  Rust stains are very difficult to remove it’s mainly because of their unique chemical composition. When we go through that, we will get to see that rust is made up of iron oxide. So simply using a traditional method will not remove rust spots. You need to follow proper steps and measures to remove rust from the carpet.

Here are some tips to follow to remove rust from your carpet:

Scrape it – When talking about rust, you can lose them with the use of butter knife. Using the knife blade run it from side to side through the discolored carpet area, this will help the carpet fibers to lose the dry particles. You need to vacuum the spot using a vacuum and if required scrape it again using the knife. Vacuum with hose attachment can be perfect to help you keep a close eye on your progress. Using knife and hose and alternating back and forth between the two tools until no more dry rust comes out of the carpet.

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Rust Remover – Take a damp white cloth emit a small amount of dish soap on the cloth and press the cloth top on the rust stain. Blot the stained area several times with the cloth and then allow the soap to sit for 5 to 10 minutes.  Using a dry white cloth or paper towel, dab the soaped area this will absorb the soap and rust. Do check the cloth or paper towel for rust in the regular interval as you dab it, switch to a fresh area of the material and continue dabbing. Wipe up the soap later with a fresh damp cloth when you finish with dabbing.

Salt and Vinegar Solution – With the help of white vinegar soak a white cloth in it and dab the area. Apply little pressure to wet the carpet fibres. Now sprinkle salt over the moistened carpet and allow the salt and vinegar to sit for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes blot the area with a dry cloth and using a vacuum, vacuum the area to remove the remaining salt. Wipe it again with a damp white cloth after vacuuming the carpet.

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Lemon – Lemon juice is very useful when it comes to removing rust as it lightens any remaining rust hence, making it invisible. Pour some lemon juice into a shallow bowl and sprinkle some generous amount of salt. Take a white cloth and dip that into the lemon solution and dab it over the rust stain repeatedly. Apply pressure so that the lemon transfers into the carpet. Leave the carpet for 5 minutes and then rinse the area by wiping it with a wet white cloth. To absorb the excess moisture dab the carpet with a white cloth after wiping it.

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If after trying all the above-given steps, yet you can still notice remnant of rust on your carpet then it’s the time to call the professional carpet cleaners. From annoying and irritating stains to the toughest one, Carpet cleaning tackles it all with ease. Enquire now to make your carpet clean and smooth.

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