Make Your Home Ready for Spring/Summer with Right Cleaning

Spring-Summer with Right Cleaning

Spring and summer seasons are two of toughest months, especially in terms of cleaning.  You need to take extra care of your health and for that, you need to make your home spring/summer ready. As the spring and summer season is approaching in Australia, it also brings in a cleaning headache for home owners. From pollens to dust, there are many ways spring and summer test your home.

To prepare your home for spring and summer and keep it healthy for you and your family, you must consider getting it professionally cleaned before these seasons arrive. There might also be a need to clean it professionally during these seasons but cleaning them before these seasons has special importance.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Home before Spring/Summer Arrives?

Your home is full of dust, pollution, dirt, pollens, dust mites, etc. even if you cannot see them. If you do not clean them before spring/summer, you and your loved ones can face health issues. During spring and summer, pollens and dust get collected at a higher rate. And if your home already dirty, there are higher chances of health issues like allergy and asthma. Dust mites and allergens also trigger breathing problems in small babies. Dirt, pollens, allergens, etc. get deposited in rugs, carpets, mattresses and upholstery. Dust mite, microscopic creatures, strive on dead skin or food particles are also found in these things found in every home.

Isn’t the Regular Vacuuming and Cleaning Enough?

No, regular cleaning methods and vacuuming that are done by home owners are not helpful in removing pollutants and dust mites that are deposited deeper in their carpets, mattresses, rugs and upholstery. These methods clean only on the superficial level. The pollutants and dust mite create problems later. Professional cleaning helps to get rid of all the dust, dirt, allergens, pollutants and dust mites.

What should be in Your Spring/Summer Cleaning Checklist?

While cleaning every part of your home is very important, you must keep in mind to clean the following to make your home spring/summer ready.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets are an integral part of any home and mostly present throughout the home. Carpets are of different types and consist of fibre. These fibres attract dust which gets deposited and is often difficult to remove. Similarly, rugs also enhance the beauty of your home and make it more comfortable and cosy but like carpet, it also has fibres that collect dust and dirt. You must get them cleaned regularly for keeping your loved ones healthy.


Mattresses offer comfortable sleep but they are often neglected when it comes to cleaning. It must amaze you that your cosy and comfortable mattress might be the favourite hiding place for dust mites. A dirty mattress might be the cause of allergies and skin problems. It must be on your cleaning list when you call the professional cleaners.


Sofa, cosy arm chair and other furniture that are cosy and comfortable but are home to dirt and dust as well need to be cleaned before spring and summer arrive.


Curtains often collect dust and dirt faster than any other item on this list. If they remain unclean, it might trigger allergies and asthma troubles.

Before the spring and summer season comes, you must get your home cleaned professionally. This will ensure that there is healthy atmosphere throughout your home and the quality of the air is also good. Clean and fresh home is necessary to maintain good health during spring and summer seasons.

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