How to Remove Ink Stain from the Carpet?

How to Remove Ink Stain from the Carpet?

Removing ink stain from carpet can be a challenge. In most of the cases, children in a house are the reason behind the ink stain situation, but adults are also prone to accidents as well. Ink on your carpets can be costly and time-consuming. No matter how it lands on your carpet, you will have to deal with the stain as quickly and expertly as possible. The biggest challenge you will face while removing the stain is using the wrong method to get rid of it. Choosing the most effective method depends on the type of ink, the size of the stain and the material used while making the carpet.You need to be careful while removing the ink stains because these steps will remove the ink stain but can also damage the dyes that color the carpet fibers.

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Here are some tips to follow when removing the ink stain from your carpets

  1. By using the carpet stain remover, apply it to the stained area. When talking about ink stains, the ballpoint can be removed easily in comparison with other inks because it does not get absorbed by carpet fibers.
  2. Take a clean cloth and blot the area. While blotting, often change the sides to keep the clean surface in contact with the carpet. If you don’t change the sides of the cloth that will result in spreading the ink and making it difficult for you to remove.
  3. Use the stain remover until the ink is invincible from the carpet and transferred to the cloth.
  4. Take a rubbing alcohol, but before applying it to the stained area, you need to test it on a hidden area to notice the changes like discoloration. For testing it, you need to wait for few minutes and blot the area with a clean cloth to notice any changes in discoloration.
  5. It is safe to proceed if the carpet is colorfast.
  6. Take a clean cloth and moisten it with rubbing alcohol. If the stained area is very small, or just a line it is suggested to use a cotton swab for the better accuracy.
  7. With the help of moistened cloth blot it onto the ink stain.
  8. While blotting, you need to keep in mind that you need to change sides of the cloth to keep a clean surface in contact with the carpet. Repeat the steps until the stain is invincible.
  9. You can use carpet shampoo or rinse it by blotting with clean water after doing all the above steps.
  10. Allow it to air dry.

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Additional Tips:

When dealing with the ink stains most important thing to remember is to avoid smearing it outwards, blotting or rubbing in small movements to surround the stain on the already affected area. Hairspray is also good when it comes to removing ink stains. The cheaper brands perform better because they contain more of alcohol, which is the ingredient that removes the ink. Simply spraying it generally onto the stained area and blotting with a clean cloth will help you in removing the ink stain. And after the stain has gone, wash the area to remove any hairspray residue.

If anyhow after doing all the above-given steps you are not able to remove the ink stain, then it’s the time to call the professionals. They have latest techniques which will make your carpet fresh like new. Call Now!

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