Expert Tips : How to Clean Grease from Your Carpet


Carpet is one of the most important parts of your home. It not only it enhances the aesthetics of your home but also improves functionality and comfort. Home owners make a lot of investment in their homes especially, carpets. However, there are many things that can be the cause of constant nightmare for most of the home owners. There are many things that can damage a carpet by leaving a stain on it. But one that is dreaded the most by any homeowner is Grease. It is quite common to get grease on carpets and these sticky enemies of carpet are tough to remove.

It can be quite a difficult job to get rid of grease once you have got it on your carpet. If you are struggling with grease stains, here are some cleaning methods that will help you do some damage control.


Method 1

>> The first step taken in this method should be blotting as much grease as When you are done with blotting, apply a substance like cornmeal which will help you in soaking up.

>> With help of a brush, start brushing on the stain to break it up. Make sure the brush you choose is having stiff bristles.

>> Using a clean sponge apply a dry cleaning solvent if the grease is still visible.

>> Taking 8 parts of liquid dry cleaning solvent and 1 part of coconut oil, make a dry spotter. If coconut oil is not available with you, you can use mineral oil as an alternative. But it won’t be as effective as coconut oil. Apply the dry spotter to the stained area.

>> Cover the stain with an absorbent pad with a drier The pad will pick up the stain giving you a clean carpet.

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Method 2

>> With the help of white vinegar, you can tackle the grease removal woes.

>> Firstly, sponge the stain as much you can using water.

>> Make a wet spotter and apply it with few drops of white vinegar. A wet spotter is made with one part of dishwashing detergent, one part glycerine and eight parts of water.

>> Place an absorbent directly onto the grease stain after pouring a good amount of wet spotter onto an absorbent      pad. Do change the absorbent pad as grease stain gradually disappears.

>> When done flush the grease stain with water.

Method 3

>> In one cup of warm water mix one four cups of mild liquid dish soap.

>> Dip a clean cloth in this solution and then put pressure on the grease stain.

>> Leave the solution to set on the stain for five minutes.

>> Blot the stain using a clean cloth. It will begin to lift off the carpet and onto the cloth.

>> Using a paper towel cover the area once the stain is no longer visible. Leave them overnight to soak any remaining liquid do make sure to hold them down with a heavy object.

Although these methods are effective, it is a matter of worry if grease sets deep into the carpet fibres and reaches the base of the carpet. It can damage the carpet and harm the flooring. It is a logical option to give professional carpet cleaners a call to deal with the grease disaster. Professional cleaners not only have the necessary skills to handle the stain efficiently but they also have experience in effective removal of grease from the carpet.

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