Cleaning Tips : How to Remove Vomit From Your Carpets

Tips to Remove Vomit From Your Carpets

With the weakest stomach, writing about vomiting was an impossible thing for me. But with the help of this article, which not only forced me to learn how to face this problem but also how to clean up vomit and trust me I am doing better with every trial. Well talking about this situation, you must have faced this if you are a pet owner or you have a toddler at your home.

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And you can’t just walk away from vomit as it will smell until you clean it. Cleaning vomit from tiled, concrete, wooden floor is easy. You just need to get a bucket full of warm water, mop and floor sanitizer, and there you go your problem is solved. But I wish cleaning vomit from carpets could have been that easy. Your one mistake can haunt you for many days to come if not cleaned correctly and hence making your nostrils bear the nasty smell of vomit.

Here are some tips to follow clean vomit from your carpets:

  1. Cover yourself with protective gloves and clothing and make sure the ventilation process of the room is working effectively.
  2. This step will be too difficult as it will require scraping off the vomit with a cloth or using a paper towel to look for any solid matter and flush it down or throw it away in a sealed bag depending on the density of the vomit.
  3. You can use some absorbent substance to lift vomit from the carpet fibers by sprinkling that on the area and leaving it for 10 to 15 minutes. Products like commercial carpet deodorizer, salt, and baking powder are good absorbent substance.
  4. Using a vacuum machine, you need to vacuum up the absorbent powder. After removing the absorbent powder use some commercial stain remover for carpets or a carpet cleaner, read the instructions written on the bottle. It’s advised to test the chemical on a hidden area before trying it on the affected area.
  5. Blot it rather than scrubbing it by blotting the stain with a clean damp cloth will help you from not spreading the vomit further into carpet fibres.
  6. Leave the carpet for overnight to air dry.

Tips on How to Remove Vomit Smell from the Carpet

There might be a situation after following the above steps of how to clean the vomit from your carpet an awful smell may persist. In that case, you need to follow some extra steps:

  1. Repeat the steps 3 to 5 given above instead of letting it dry.
  2. For a deep clean on an affected area, you need to use a steam cleaner according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. Steam helps in killing the germs and bacteria that are the main reason for bad odor, but as some carpets are delicate, high temperatures can melt some fabric fibers. So checking the carpet care guide before starting is suggested.
  3. Using an antiseptic to kill all the germs and bacteria, to retreat the area.
  4. Using a commercial carpet deodorant spray the stained area or you can also use a mixture of water and few drops of essential oils like citrus, tea tree or

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Cleaning vomit on carpet it’s the most unpleasant job. But following the above steps you can do it, and at the end, you will get a clean, sanitized and fresh smelling carpet to feel proud. Don’t worry if anyhow you don’t get the desired results, just call the professionals to deal with it. Carpet cleaning professionals use latest techniques and proper plan to make your carpet smooth as new. Call now!

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