Cleaning Tips: How to Keep your Car Interior Clean

Keeping the Car Interiors Clean

It is not a hidden fact that owning a car requires huge investment and it should be protected for a long run use. Vehicle owners love to drive a car which is shiny like new from the exterior, but what they ignore is cleaning the car’s interiors is also important like cleaning the exterior. A dirty cabin not only looks or smells bad, it can also be the reason of any operational problems. Because the inside of the car gets repeated and concentrated traffic, the interior of the car is the one who takes a lot of abuse. Every time we get in the car we carry dirt with us.

Carpeting and Fabric

To improve the overall look of your car’s interior, it is important to clean carpeting and fabric. Many factors like matted down, dirty carpeting or stained fabric will make your vehicle look older than it actually is. If the carpet has worn out, there is nothing that can be done. But you can take care of carpeting to make sure they look as good as new. The common mistake that people often make when cleaning carpet or fabric is that they use too much of water. This makes the carpet or fabric extra moisturised which takes a long time to dry and can stay in them which will lead to mildew and a musty smell. This damages the materials used in the car’s interiors. Instead of using too much water, you should vacuum everything thoroughly.  Just make sure to get all the way under the seats.

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Next step will be to tackle any stains with a good stain remover. Before dealing with stubborn stains do make sure to experiment the stain remover on an unseen place as a test. There are products who discolours your carpeting or fabric.

Use a stiff scrub and a foaming carpet shampoo that doesn’t leave a lot of moisture for cleaning the entire carpet and fabric. Afterwards, with a help of dry cloth wipe down the carpet. While cleaning these things, the windows and doors should be open to letting it dry out. When they are completely dried out, applying protectant can help it resist future stains.


Well-maintained leather stands as a plus point for you when it comes to selling your vehicle. If the leather that looks old and worn, it could negatively impact the resale value of the car. Leather can be the easiest material to maintain if done properly. About every six to eight weeks leather requires being cleaned and cared. It’s important to care for leather regularly with the number of quality leather products available on the market except for saddle soaps because of high alkaline content. Work on one section at a time, when cleaning your vehicle’s leather.

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Cleaning along the stitch lines is the thing you should keep in mind because dirt can wear into the upholstery thread over time. Scrub the soiled areas with a stiff brush gently and wipe off the cleaner with a clean cloth once you did with that section. Using a diluted general grease remover will help you remove the stains which are not going easily. Same like the carpeting test, test it before in a hidden area to be sure it doesn’t discolour the area. After the cleaning, treat the leather with a conditioner to restore its oils and maintain its flexibility. Apply the conditioner with a slightly damp cloth. Let the conditioner sit for 25 to 30 minutes and then with a clean, dry cloth remove the excess conditioner.


While cleaning woods whether real or imitation, make sure never use a harsh cleaner on it. The artificial wood often has a polyurethane coating present in them that is prone to damage. Wiping the wood with a damp, clean cloth will get it cleaned without much damage. After you done with the cleaning, apply a small amount of wax to the wood to add shine. When you are using the cleaner on your car, follow the instructions on the product’s label. This will help you in reducing the risk of using wrong product.

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You can subject this material to the harsh effects of sunlight and pollution, especially at the top of the dash. Treating this kind of material is easy but it should be done on regular basis. With vinyl upholstery cleaner and a scrub brush, you can tackle dirty vinyl.  Make sure you don’t use too much of cleaner on the dashboard. Using too much of cleaner will create moisture which will get into the electronic controls and instruments. You must use cotton swabs to clean around the vents and applying vinyl protectant when done in order to keep the material pliant.

When it comes to removing stains or cleaning your automobile on a regular basis, it is better to trust experts. An auto marine cleaning service will not only clean better but will also help keep your car as good as new.

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