Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Pet Hair from Car


Do you have a dog or a cat? Or even better do you have both? Pets fill the everyday life with love and joy that cannot be expressed in words. Whether your jumps up the bed, rolls on the carpet, rest on the upholstery or goes on a drive with you in your car, you love to let them in. If do not have a park nearby or when you have to take your pet to the vet, you need drive them to that place. Many pet owners like to go on a drive, picnic or make a trip to nearby destinations in a car with their pets.

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Although these activities are satisfying, scenario completely changes when you see pet hair everywhere inside your car. It can be a very tough job to clean pet hair from car especially carpet and seats.  Here are some helpful tips that will help you to keep your car free from pet hair and let you enjoy your time with pets without any worries.

Water and Fabric Softener

Start with wearing rubber gloves and make sure you are dressed right for the cleaning process. Mix water and fabric softener in equal parts and put solution in a spray bottle. You use only water is you want but fabric softener helps to loosen up the pet hair. This make the cleaning easy and quick. Spray this solution on the interior of your car wetting the upholstery and carpets. Alternatively, you can also dip your gloved hand for the process instead of spray bottle. Dip your gloved hands in the solution and wet the car interiors.

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You must rub the seats with gloved hands in a brushing motion. The hair collects on the glove. When you see a lot of hair has collected over on the gloves, dip y9our hand in the solution or water to remove them off the glove and rub again. Repeat this procedure until all the hair is gone. You can also scrub the seats and carpet with pumice stone instead of hand.

The last step is to vacuum all the loose hair once the interior of your car has dried up. This will collect all the left over hairs and make your car pet hair free. Cleaning experts at Sydney Metro suggest that you must use the vacuum attachment with small rubber bristles while vacuuming to get best results.

Try the Balloon Method

The surface of a fully blown balloon has static electricity that attracts pet hair. Pet hair stick to the balloon and it becomes easier to get them out of your car. You can blow up a balloon and rub it across the car interiors. Once the balloon gets covered by hair, you can collect hair with your gloved hands and throw them away in the garbage.

Lint brush

There are various types of lint brush available in the market which you can buy locally or buy online. Remove the protective layer on the brush and roll the brush over the desired area to collect the pet hair. Pet hair will stick to lint brush and will be removed from your vehicle.

Preventive tip:

Prevention is better than cure. It is always advised that you brush your pet well before each car ride. Although it does not ensures your car to be pet hair free, the amount of hair will reduce to a great extent. You can also cover your seats with blanket, towels or covers.

Get professional help

If you have a pet, you must get your car cleaned professionally at a regular interval of time. Professional cleaning services in Sydney will not only ensure that you have a clean car but also help you to maintain it better.

These are some of the ways that will help you to keep pet hair at its minimum even though you take your pets on ride. By removing pet hair from your car, you can ensure that your rides are healthy.

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